Spreader beams
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Brochures related to spreader beams are only descriptive, spreader beams can be manufactured in accordance with customer’ specifications, up to 200 tons.

X-shaped spreader beams are manufactured on demand and we don’t have a standard brochure. H-shaped spreader beams can be telescopic, foldable, with upper central connection or 4 side connections, crane-way single girder spreader beams or square shaped spreader beams.“C” hooks for coils handling, X shaped spreader beams designed to lift big bags and plate packs brackets are also manufactured according to customer’ specifications.

Lifting Beams and Spreaders – Below the hook lifting

Spreader bars and lifting beams are very similar devices in common use in almost every industry. Both of these devices have very similar functions; they allow a single crane to lift loads from multiple locations, to spread out the load and provide balance to the lift. However, each of these devices have very different properties and uses. There are cases where one device is ideal and the other would be cumbersome and inefficient.

The Spreader Bar

Spreader bars (lifting spreaders) are a very simple device, and consist of a long bar that functions to hold a sling apart to the lifting distance. From a loading standpoint, they convert the lifting loads into compressive forces in the bar, and tensile forces in the slings. This results in a highly efficient use of material, which makes them lighter, easier to design, and cost less than their lifting beam counterparts. However, they require much more headroom to make the lift than lifting beams.
H-bar Adjustable spreader beams 10 tons
plate packs brackets
Fixed spreader beams
square spreader beam
Cross spreader beam telescopic
C hook 8 ton for coils
Big bags lifting beam
lifting beam adjustable flange
automatic lifting beam for packs
H-bar Adjustable spreader beams
lifting beam reduced height 10 tons
Adjustable spreader beams
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